Meet the band

Second Time Around formed in 2009 with James & Tina performing tunes and original songs in local pubs and folk clubs. They were joined by John in 2010 making them the trio they are today. They now play at venues across the Isle Of Wight and at festivals around the country.


Tina has lived on the Isle of Wight most of her life. Since her early years she has had an interest in music and started to play the clarinet aged 9, and took up playing the piano aged 13. In her late teens she played the cello and guitar for a short while. In 2008 she took up playing the electric bass and soon moved onto acoustic guitar and started to write songs. Singing was a fairly new venture for Tina and was encouraged by fellow musicians and friends to continue. Tina now sings a large proportion of the bands vocal pieces as well as playing rhythm guitar, whistles and the accordian.



James plays a number of instruments, sticking mainly with mandolin, harmonica and guitar James has a talent for being able to play almost anything and has mastered some more obscure instruments including the didgeridoo, dan moi, darbuka and cajon some of which go into the mixing pot for performances. James spent over 10yrs playing the bodhran, harps and mandolin in a traditional Irish band and whilst with them recorded two albums. Additionally he has spent many years guesting with other bands on gigs and festivals and is a well known performer on the local music circuit.Add text


My big Sister bought me six guitar lessons for my birthday when I was in my teens. It was a real turning point for me and over 50 years later I'm still addicted to the guitar. I'll have a go at playing anything with strings but it's always the guitar that really floats my boat. Such versatility, so many voices, so many moods and the root of so many great times. I'll keep playing 'til I drop.